2013 Toyota Proace

Toyota ProAce 1

Toyota new model ProAc offer spreads in Europe in the light commercial vehicle segment

• versatile, practical and comfortable, with a maximum load capacity of 7m3 with the ride comfort provided by any passenger sedan

• range of different diesel engine (Euro 5) of 90 to 163KS

• Sales in the European market starting in the first quarter of 2013, the first delivery in mid-2013

Toyota ProAc will be available in two different variants of the length and height, which define the storage volume of 5m3, 6m3 or 7m3.

To ensure maximum efficiency, the luggage area can be accessed through one or two sliding side doors, and pick the option that allows you to raise the tailgate or dual split-gate. The luggage compartment has a generous capacity of up to 1200kg, and the load capacity of up to 2000kg. ProAc can be configured as a closed box (panel compartment), a van with the windows version or the passenger cabin.

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The variability of the numerous opportunities offered cargo space, accompanied by outstanding passenger comfort part of the cabin. Raised seat and large windshield gives the driver and passengers excellent visibility and comfortable environment, which resembles a minivan driving.

The vehicle is equipped with power windows, central locking with remote control, adjustable steering wheel, and a number of optional extras such as air conditioning, an audio system connected with Bluetooth, cruise control and power-adjustable and heated outside mirrors.

ABS with electronic brake force distribution, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), daytime running lights are standard items of equipment to ensure safe driving, and the option VSC + system is designed to provide additional security in the toughest driving conditions.


New Toyota ProAc will be available with a range of efficient diesel powertrain technologies, designed to meet the latest Euro 5 standards.

1.6l engine (90KS / 180Nm) in combination with 5-speed manual gearbox, while the two 2.0l engine (128KS / 163KS and 320Nm / 340Nm) follows the 6-speed manual transmission.

All engines are accompanied by ‘volt control’ function that manages battery charging alternator, and thus reduces the load on the engine whenever possible, and reduces total fuel consumption.

With a fuel tank capacity 80litara, Toyota ProAc equipped with a 2.0L or 2.0L 128KS 163KS diesel engine, to go up to 1250 km without refilling the tank with fuel (estimated driving range)

New ProAc will be on sale in Europe in the first quarter of the 2013th.

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